New Year stone ware

IMG_2521These are three very large platters in white s/w which I have then inlaid with the cobalt carbonate/clay. Very difficult to see how it has turned out as the inlay does not give a good contrast with the normal wet clay. May well have to glaze with an opaque glaze to cover it up. We will see after bisquing. At least they stayed in one piece. The first two I threw came apart during the inlaying – around the edge! Think that got too dry while I was working on the middle, so I kept spraying the edges of these three. IMG_2524This was supposed to be a s/w moon vase. Clay was very wet – too wet I realised too late. Even with aggressive and lengthy hair drying the joining process was very difficult. In the end, this is the result of three joins and yet it is barely the hight of something I threw all in one, not that long ago. Clay should really be stiffer than you would like for throwing to get it to work. Will see how it looks after turning, but I may not bother to fire it.


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