Boxes/ Jujeiko

img_3835 This was the inspiration. A lovely Jujeiko box by Lisa Hammond MBE. They appealed to me as a project because they require good accuracy in throwing and will improve my technique. I decided to try making them in both Earthenware and porcelain. At first I made the mistake of making a lid as a top instead of an inverted bowl.img_3859This one in porcelain went in the bin as well as the one below, which was a useful size and shape ( for bathroom cotton wool etc) but way too heavy.img_3866img_3858 This set is in Earthenware and the inside has a slip design to make each box different. It is in the glaze kiln at the moment.




img_3867 This porcelain set has gone in for firing. I put oxide transfers inside, partly so that you know which box goes where. I suspect they will not fit if you get them in the wrong order. Lets hope it doesn’t warp too much.







img_3854Meanwhile, I collected a piece I had done earlier, as they say. This is Earthenware with a bright blue slip on it and carving. Having glazed another blue slip ware in transparent and not liked it, I glazed this one in my favourite glaze Rockpool and it looks gorgeous.


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