Latest kiln results

Very pleased with the results on the iron reactive glaze on these inlay plates. Worked exactly as I hoped. Rather annoyingly one of the smaller plates has two blue dots on it. Somehow a speck of blue glaze has transferred from another pot.

The carved pasta bowls looked nice in the main. Carving and stamping distorts the clay and no matter how I try and reshape you still get distortions. It is more noticeable in the larger pieces – the cups are fine. Very please with my pouring bowl and the flasks I made. All pour really well.

I keep the tall one in the fridge filled with water. The clay holds onto the cold much longer than glass which is nice in this hot weather.

I am making a birthday present for someone and they said they liked the Octopus work I did some time ago. My heart sank when they said that as they take so long to paint and it isn’t something that comes easily to me. However, the white stoneware used at my new studio turns out to be exceptionally easy to throw with and my new studio colleagues had  great ideas for getting a very smooth finish for painting on. I ended up enjoying making it and made more than I needed for the gift. I am going to do a luster firing to add gold to the coral for the special dish.

The one with holes in is a Collander! The outsides are slipped to looked like sea urchins, the idea coming from the real world where the octopus hide in shells and carry them around to reuse.


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