Kiln surprises

The latest kiln was filled with glazed work of the type I have been doing for a while, so there should have been no surprises. However, something very strange happened to the inlaid dishes. I am always rather impatient by the time I get to glazing and filling a glaze kiln. Usually it has taken at least 3 weeks to get to that stage and I am keen to see them fired and completed. Th inlaid dishes were supposed to look like the work in the last kiln – an iron reactive transparent giving an orange toasty look to the clay and contrasting nicely with the while inlay.  Here they are –

IMG_4443All I can think is that I went mad and glazed them in the white I was using elsewhere!

Aside from being careless with some wadding so one small bowl is ruined, the rest of the kiln worked well. Was rather nervous about a very big bowl but thrilled with the results.

A lot of the kiln was filled with octopus bowls. Almost got them out of my system now. The next kiln will have some lidded pots with octopus but I am going to develop the patterning a bit more. Very pleased with the little Matcha pot, but it took me so long to make I will have to find a faster way to make it. Here it is with the coffee canister. Think I will have to work on my photography skills as well!!IMG_4448







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