New work

I have been busy making, to sell at an Open House on the 1st November, 20 Morella Road, SW128UH and for a commission and a birthday gift. Here is what I have been up to.

As usual I have been working with the clay which gives a toasty appearance when fired. This is a new shape I tried which is mostly hand made rather than thrown. This shape is called a Pilgrim’s Flask. I have also thrown a number of crumble dishes which a friend had commissioned with names on. This led me to do an experiment in the effect of slip on this clay.

fullsizeoutput_174cHere is the first with just glaze and below, with slip and then glaze. The effect is more muted. Not sure yet which I prefer.


I also added the same drawing to a tall shape which I would like to develop.

fullsizeoutput_173eI made some little porcelain dishes which I intended to luster and decided to try it on the brown as well. The effect is rather nice, but luster work requires a third firing so I don’t think I will be doing this very often.

The item I had to really work at was a birthday present. The birthday girl had said she liked the work I had done on Octopus. Well that was some time ago and in Earthenware. I bought 2 bags of white stoneware that they use a lot at the studio and began work. Because I don’t have glazes to use on white clay I made two whole bags worth of octopus themed pottery.  Dishes, colanders, pots with lids and hidden octopus inside, large bowls with coral and octopus, octopus on blue, orange – I went octopus mad! The big dishes and the birthday present had the ends of the coral lustered to you got a highlight of gold. Here is a selection. Do follow me on Instagram – #morellapotter  for videos and more pictures.


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